Why don’t we go out for a cup of tea?

In Britain, we are known for our love of a good cup of tea with a drop of milk. But when we go out for an afternoon drink with friends, we are more likely to go for a coffee than a cuppa.

Is this because we think we can make an equally nice cup of tea at home whereas we may not have the patience to froth up a cappuccino? Is a few pounds too much money to spend on some leaves soaking in hot water?

Not if meeting up for a tea is turned into a relaxing and feel-good experience. Continue reading

Foie gras, anyone?

Heston Blumenthal has dropped his supplier of foie gras after he recently found out it is being produced in torturing conditions.

Hold on…recently did he say? Firstly, how could a chef of a three michelin star restaurant not know this? Secondly, has he been buying and cooking produce without knowing what is in it for all these years?

Surely he has been perfectly aware for just as long as all of us that the production of foie gras is not the most ethical process in the world.

Like in many countries, the production of foie gras is banned in the UK but it can still be bought through many suppliers across the country.  The French openly enjoy the popular delicacy and have no shame in saying so.

And why not? Continue reading

Fairtrade campaign: the devotion of a small nation

When you do your weekly shopping, do you consider the ethics behind the product you buy? Do you go for what you enjoy the most? Or is price the driving factor for what goes in your trolley?

The recent supermarket price war has seen chains competing to offer the lowest prices.  As one store cuts the cost, another slashes its prices even further.  At first, this may seem ideal. But behind this trend is a dark and unethical supply chain. Continue reading

Cardiff restaurant gives local food an international twist

As a non-vegetarian, I had never thought of going to a vegetarian restaurant for an evening out with friends. I guess I just thought it would be all salads and fruit. And that’s not my idea of a fun night out.

But for all these years I have been fooled. Last week I discovered a cuisine that I could easily get addicted to, a way of being creative with basic ingredients and of appreciating different produce that go well together.  Continue reading