Oh, there’s Cardiff in the jar

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We never thought it would be possible to pack Cardiff in a jar. Well, that was before we came across Inner City Pickle which seems to have done just that. From jams, pickles, chutneys, jellies and sauces made of ingredients grown in Cardiff, then produced, bottled and labelled in owner, Eira Ellis-Evans’ home kitchen in Splott, this concept has a community feel and simply could not be more local if it tried.

Eira set up the business five years ago and has made relishes as a hobby for as long as she can remember. As well as only using local and seasonal ingredients, she also only sells at markets and farm shops in Cardiff. Friends, family as well as locals provide her with produce from their gardens or allotments and leave empty jars on her doorstep, which she sterilises and recycles.

A lot of people bring ingredients to me from their gardens,” she said. “Sometimes, if I see a nice fruit tree in someone’s garden, I’ll ask them if I can pick the fruit. In return, I give them some of my produce. I also get ingredients from local gardens such as Waterloo Gardens and Ashgrove School Penarth’s organic allotment. I then make a donation to the school.”

She notes the origin of the ingredients on the label, from Cathays Pear & Vanilla Jam to Roath Black Grape Jelly.

Eira’s latest invention is the Beer Jelly. One of Cardiff’s top burger restaurants, Got Beef, asked her to make them an exclusive jelly for one of their burgers, PBNBJ. She came up with Beer Jelly which is made of three ingredients; Crafty Devil Brewing’s Ale House Rock Beer, natural pectins and sugar.

Last year, Inner City Pickle won a Wales True Taste Award for its Mostrada di Frutta mustard; a perfect blend of apples, cherries, figs, raisins and apricot in mustard.

In Eira’s own words, Inner City Pickle really is “local home made goodness from and for the Cardiff area”.


Where to find: Riverside and Roath Farmers’ Markets, Caesars Arms Farm Shop in Creigiau.

Produce include: Aubergine, pepper & tomato chutney, raspberry curd, pickled cucumbers, flavoured oils and vinegars, brown sauce, red sauce and cordials.


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