Field Bar Wine: a bottle for every occasion

Red rose petal wine

Red rose petal wine

We met Field Bar Wine, the locally-sourced fruit and herb wine which introduces unexpected colours and flavours.

How many times have you been in the situation where you just can’t decide which bottle of wine to take with you to someone’s house? I often find myself pondering for ages in the wine aisle wishing there was something a bit more exciting than the “same old”. 

Last week I met Alice Eaton, who turned her passion for fruit and herb wine into a business, Field Bar Wine, which she runs from her family home in Canton.

What intrigued me about her range of wine was not only the fact they are made of various fruit and even herbs, rather than the traditional white or red grape, but the variety of colours.

So next time I go to someone’s house, I might turn up with a bottle of purple or a bottle of see-through instead of the predicted white or red.

I had my eye on the deep purple Blueberry Mead for a girls’ night in and thought the idea of drinking real red rose petals would be perfect for a romantic evening.

The sparkling Elderflower (which comes from Pontcanna fields) would put a twist to a celebration and the Lemon or Strawberry would be ideal with dinner.

And to get into the Christmas spirit I tried the new spiced mulling syrup which can be added to cider to create that warm festive feel.

Where possible, Alice sources her produce from local hedgerows and suppliers and keeps each bottle as natural as can be by not adding flavourings or additives.


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