Crafty Devil Brewing – a hellishly good brew

They say it’s not wise to mix business and friendships. But for close mates Rhys Watkin and Adam Edinborough, setting up their craft beer company was a case of better the devil you know.

Both passionate about quality beer, Adam decided to travel America for inspiration and was amazed at how well small brewers were able to compete against big brands.

Fast forward a few months and quite a few idea-swapping sessions, the duo are now the proud owners of Crafty Devil Brewing Company. They brew three times a week from their Canton outbuilding brewery.


And things haven’t stopped going from strength to strength. Not only do they have four different types of bottled ales, but they also provide kegs for beer festivals. And since the end of September, their Supertidy Brew is available at Cardiff’s Grazing Shed. The burger restaurant, known for the quality of its locally sourced produce, worked with Rhys and Adam to design the perfect brew to accompany their Supertidy Burger.

Crafty Devil Brewing Company beer can be found at Elephant & Bun Delicatessen in Cowbridge, at Cardiff farmers’ markets, The Gravity Station and The Landsdowne, Canton.


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