Wedding special – unique ideas for your big day

It’s that time of year again. Brides-to-be are trawling the internet, magazines and shops in search for original wedding ideas. From favours to a cake topper, everything needs to be thought through.

With the cost and effort involved, you certainly want your guests to be impressed. So to help you give your big day something to talk about, we have done some trawling ourselves.

Here are our favourite edible finds to give your wedding a wow factor!

After the ceremony

  • Handing out treats as your guests leave your wedding ceremony does not only add a nice touch but it will also tie them over until you get to the reception (especially if you get married at lunchtime). They can be put in a basket for people to help themselves or distributed by a friend at the door.

We like…

Sweet and savoury welsh cakes. Choose from flavours such as chocolate & chilli, rosewater & marshmallow, parmesan & sundried tomato or even welsh rarebit.

Crackers with a twist. Even the biggest biscuit and cracker connoisseur on your guest list won’t have experienced such finesse and creativity in one bite. Try Pear & Earl Grey Tea or Leek & Caerphilly Cheese.


Wedding breakfast

  • When it comes to choosing the wedding breakfast everyone has an opinion. The bride wants chicken because most people like it. The groom wants steak because he likes it. And mums wants trifle …but we’re not really sure who likes it.

Catering companies are a great way of mixing tastes and coming up with options to cater for everyone. We have found two with a great reputation for quality of ingredients and presentation.

We like…

North Wales : Blas ar fwyd

South Wales : Vdeli Catering


Edible flowers

  • And why not add edible flowers to your chosen main course to jazz up the plate and include colour and exotisism.

We like:

Edible flowers. Picked-to-order Pembrokeshire flowers available March to September. Choose from a savoury or a sweet mix. Select your own colour combination or opt for a mixed punnet which contains at least 75 flowers, made up of the best mixture on the day.


Burger cakes

  • Cakes. If sponge is too bland, fruit cake too traditional and cupcakes too last year, why not have miniature burger cakes or a tiered cake made of cheese? Yes, that’s right. Burger cakes or a cake made of cheese.

Burger cakes or lace cakes : You’ll be pleased to know the burger cakes do not contain meat or bread! They will certainly intrigue your guests, are really cute and they also taste delicious! Or alternatively go for a cake covered in edible ‘lace’. Elegant and classy, this will definitely turn heads.

Cheese block cakes : Taking ‘cheesecake’ quite literally, you could avoid having a sweet wedding cake and opt for multi-tiered blocks of fine welsh cheese. Served with crackers or bread, this could easily replace the predicted sweet cake if different or savoury is what you’re after.


Wedding favours

  • Hands up if you’ve ever left a wedding with a jar or bag of sugared almonds? Really? You too? Hmm. They don’t come cheap and most guests are so used to seeing them on wedding tables that they pretty much go unnoticed. How about standing out with a more unique gift for your lovely friends and family.

We like…

Fudge : (flavours include Snowdonia honey, Anglesey sea salt)

Toffee vodka (5cl bottles available)


Have we missed something? Do you have other unique and locally-sourced edible ideas for a wedding? If so, please share in the comment box below. We would love to check it out!


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