Top 5 wines with Christmas dinner

Everyone likes a glass of wine with their Christmas dinner. But isn’t it so much better when the wine goes well with the turkey? We have come up with a list of our top five welsh wines to compliment your traditional turkey Christmas dinner. Cheers!

1. Pant Du Vineyard, gwin coch – £16.99

Gwynedd                                                                                                                                                                               Located at the foot of Wales’ highest mountain range, Snowdonia, Pant Du Vineyard makes white, rosé and red wine. We fell in love with their bottle of red.  A deep colour with fruity tones. Full but airy at the same time, this is a great option to please different tastes.

2. Llanerch Vineyard, Cariad Blush sparkling rosé – £17.95

Vale of Glamorgan 
Cariad is Welsh for love. And what better time of year to spread our love through a bottle of good wine? To add a special touch to your Christmas this year, try the Cariad Blush sparkling rosé wine. Made in a similar way to Champagne, the delicate bubbles and crisp texture complement a heavy Christmas meal.

3. Llaethliw white – £16

As turkey is a light meat which goes well with fruity flavours such as cranberry sauce, we have selected Llaethliw white as a suitable white wine for your Christmas dinner.  It is full of fresh aromas of green apple, gooseberry, stone fruits and meadow grass. The citrus acidity of green apple and ripe nectarine gives a light and refreshing taste – just what you need after overindulging over the festive period.

4. Glyndwr Vineyard dry white – £10.50

From Wales’ oldest vineyard, the Glyndwr dry white is recommended to accompany white meat dishes. A fresh taste with a hint of apple and peach, this is a dry white which has managed to keep its fruity tones. And at £10.50 a bottle, this certainly a good buy.

5. Wernddu Organics red wine – £15

As the name indicates, this vineyard is organic and is registered with the Soil Association.  Although more commonly known for their award-winning white and sparkling wines, we like their full-bodied red for Christmas dinner.  A smooth, rich wine with a blackcurrant after flavour. 
Please note prices may vary according to supplier.

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