Why don’t we go out for a cup of tea?

In Britain, we are known for our love of a good cup of tea with a drop of milk. But when we go out for an afternoon drink with friends, we are more likely to go for a coffee than a cuppa.

Is this because we think we can make an equally nice cup of tea at home whereas we may not have the patience to froth up a cappuccino? Is a few pounds too much money to spend on some leaves soaking in hot water?

Not if meeting up for a tea is turned into a relaxing and feel-good experience.

We went on a girls’ afternoon out to Waterloo Gardens Tea Room in Penylan, Cardiff. With over 40 different types to choose from, we went for a pot of cleansing nettle tea.

Waterloo Gardens Tea House, Penylan

Waterloo Gardens Tea House, Penylan

According to Okakura Kakuzō, the Japanese author of The Book of Tea, Britain’s favourite hot drink began as a medicine and grew into a beverage.

This is why each tea has health benefits. Our choice of nettle tea is meant to cleanse the digestive system and help alleviate aches and pains. Fennel tea, for example, helps relax the body and is great for feeding mums. It can even be given to children to soothe digestion and wind pain.

We were given an egg-timer to know when the infusion was ready and the leaves should be taken out of the pot.

Nettle tea infusion being timed to perfection

Nettle tea infusion being timed to perfection

Waterloo Garden Tea Room also serves homemade cakes, many of which are gluten free and some are dairy free and vegan.

We loved the tranquil atmosphere and that guilt-free feeling of drinking a healthy drink and eating a local cake while socialising with friends. This was definitely our cup of tea!


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